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Capital Campaign
Capital Campaign Logo The current fate for most of the homeless animals of Harris County is grim indeed. Fending for themselves in the wild, they suffer needlessly while creating health and nuisance risks. Those taken in by caring citizens create financial burdens for those whose hearts cannot tolerate to see an animal suffer. Unspayed and unneutered animals create a population explosion of unwanted pets that create expanding costs for our municipal agencies. Euthanasia has become a primary solution for this unwanted pet population.

In February, 2009 the Humane Society of Harris County launched an ambitious campaign to raise the $1.2 million dollars needed to build the HSHC Adoption and Education Center. This privately funded facility, the only one of it’s kind in Harris County, will close the gap in services and aid that exists in the county for animal welfare and care.

The Humane Society of Harris County is dedicated to making this facility a reality, to provide safe and secure housing for homeless animals while they await adoption, to create public programs to improve concepts of pet ownership, to reduce animal cruelty and ultimately eliminate euthanasia as an animal population control method.

Please join us in this mission. We encourage you to contact us, to speak about your concerns and needs and to donate now to this must important project.