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Lost Pet Help

Here’s what to do to increase the chances of its safe return:

Create a Poster

Poster Thumbnail

Use Adobe Reader to create your own Lost Pet Poster. Just click the image above and follow the instructions to print a poster with your pet's photograph, description, address and phone.

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Plan ahead

Keep up-to-date identification on your pet at all times.  Make sure you place a tag with a name and phone number on a break away collar.  Microchip your pet as well.  Collars can be lost or removed.

Keep a photo (preferably in digital form) of both a full-face view and a full body view in case needed for a poster or web posting.

When your pet goes missing:

  • Immediately contact your local Animal Control Officer, the veterinarians in your area, private animal shelters and your local police department
  • Using current photographs make a LOST PET POSTER (click here to use a pre designed template)
  • Distribute posters at intersections throughout the area your pet was last seen.
  • Place posters at all convenience stores, veterinarians, post offices and other well traveled locations
  • It is suggested to offer a reward, even a small one if possible.  This stands out when people read the poster
  • If the pet is not immediately found use local newspapers or radio to get the word out.  Many of these organizations do these bulletins as a public service