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Volunteers Needed
The Humane Society of Harris County is a licensed, non-profit organization dedicated to the general welfare, shelter and placement of homeless animals. As a non-profit organization, which is solely dependent financially on donations, we strongly need and depend on volunteers as an essential role in helping provide our service to the community. Watch Our Video

Harris County is growing by leaps and bounds.  As more people move into our area there will be more animals that require our care.  It also requires us to work harder at educating people about pet overpopulation, the humane treatment of animals, and animal welfare issues.
Volunteers Are Critical To Our Mission

We rely on them, encourage and seek participation from volunteers to help with:

•Social or Educational Community Work •Mobile Adoptions •Foster Care •Administrative Duties

With a wide range of tasks, we accommodate a wide variety of volunteer interests and talents that aid in fulfilling the needs of both our animals and our operation responsibilities.  So, your willingness to get involved brings a new expertise to our organization that can make a difference.
Volunteer Needs
Adoption Volunteers Hands-on with the animals at adoptions sites and at fundraisers.
Kennel Volunteers Assistance at the shelter with care of animals and shelter area.
Office Volunteers Assistance in the office with paper work and correspondence or running errands for the shelter.
Fundraising Volunteers Work at and on the various fundraisers with your time, creative ideas, or connections for support in the community.
Education Volunteers Work with development and promoting an education program of our problems and answers for animals in our community.
Volunteer Coordinator Oversee volunteers and Volunteer Orientation
“At Home” Volunteers Put out monthly newsletter; collect and distribute donations jars; write “Pet of the Week” article with photo for local newspaper; work on web site; OR be a foster care family!